Hey Gear!

Hey Gear starts with building a community around people’s passion and hobbies, burning into a collection of 3,333 rare and immutable NFTs, each with their unique traits combination.
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At the same time, aimed to help the Gearians come back to hometown metaverse, a new journey of collecting gears and spaceship is just started!!
Click the mint button, not only will you get the dopest pfp, you will also be part of the one and only Gearian community. Who knows what would happen in the metaverse…?



--Genesis Collection--
The 3,333 Hey Gear NFTs are the core Genesis collection on the Ethereum blockchain. All Genesis can earn 1GEAR=1GEAR token with our immutable tokenomic and burning mechanism in our Phase 02.

-Monthly Dividends-
20% of ALL royalties each month will be distributed to 10 random holders with more than 5 Hey Gear NFTs. Let’s start with this and make us strong together.


-The Gear Shop-
After the launch of Phase 02, we will set up our Gear Shop on The Sandbox. It will provide Hey Gear NFTs holders a chance to access the metaverse where we will host community events, games and giveaway prizes! Genesis hodlers can redeem / mint the Voxel Gear Assets which are compatible to The Sandbox metaverse with our 1GEAR=1GEAR token. Of course, those voxel gear assets can be sold in the secondary marketplace.  Also, raffle for limited and special voxel assets will be launched monthly to our Genesis holders.


-The Spaceship-
A new journey of Phase 03 will start with the Spaceship. Hey Gear NFTs hodlers can get a Voxel Spaceship to help the Gearians going back to their home town metaverse.


Wai-Lun HONG

Tech and Products

Serial entrepreneur just jumped into crypto spaceFounder of Snaptee, big believer of empowering artist by tech.


Chief of HeyGear
Design and Graphics
Graphic designer, whisky shop owner, and lots of event hosts, since Mesozoic Era. Lover of all weird things catching eyeballs, finally jump into the crypto world.

Emma LPY

Chief of WhyPenguinDesign and Graphics (Voxel)
Passionate voxel artist.Over 10 years of mixed media art creation.Manga Fever.


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